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Why Recycle and  Consign at Island Chic?
Consigning is good for you because it keeps your closets filled with only the things you actually love and wear ona regular basis.  It simplifies your life and saves you time otherwise spent maintaining under-appreciated clothing items.  Best of all, it turns your cluttered closets into cash.   
Recycling is good for the environment.  Island Chic recycles all hangers, use recycled bags, and donate all unsold items to Island Cottage to recycle and also help those on our Island locally!
Do you know how many people actually THROW ITEMS AWAY in to dumpsters and don't recycle?  Amazing....but true.  I read how much Cotton crops pollute. It is estimated that in the Third World, half of all pesticides used are used on cotton fields. When you consign—and thus recycle—a single gently-used  cotton shirt and one pair of jeans, you help save a full pound of chemical fertilizer and pesticide from being released into the soil, water, and atmosphere.     And consider this: "One doesn't usually see cotton as a "dirty" product like plastics, but in fact cultivation involves high concentrations of fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide. Cotton accounts for only 2.5% of all agricultural land use, but for 22.5% of all insecticides applied in agriculture. During the processing many more chemicals are used in the bleaching and dying. Finally, every stage of cotton agriculture and processing is water-intensive - often in areas of the globe where water is not in plentiful supply. If the T-shirt is going to end up in a landfill after a couple of outings, it represents a spectacular waste of environmental resources of soil and water." Purchasing locally, rather than from other countries,also  leaves less of a carbon footprint.  (Environmental article 2010)

There are very few risks when you drop your clothing at Island Chic!  We have a state-of-the-art computer system that uses Best Consignment Shop Software!  This system has a specific inventory for each consignor and tracks all items, pricing, percentages, and sales for each!   Every item has a bar code attached to a consignee with their tracking number.  All consignees can have a print out of their items at any time and will receive an itemized print out when they receive their checks as well!

Best Consignment Shop Software is a  wonderful automated professional  consignment tracking system that is easy to use! This is a low cost system with no annual fee and they have a great support team!  We use them to help us also cut down on overhead costs to do things manual.This in turn keeps our pricing lower for you! We recommend this software to anyone that has or knows a consignment store!  I recommend you  check them out

Let us represent you and your fabulous clothing by consigning with
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