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How To Consign at Island Chic 

Selling your beautiful things at Island Chic Consignment Boutique is very simple and rewarding.
To make it convenient for our customers Island Chic accepts clothing during our regular business hours.  We prefer  to have appointments on Tues, Wed, and Thursdays but you can drop them off and drop by without an appointment also.   Sometimes during busy season, appointments are necessary though!  We  do not limit it to appointments only!  Once you've decided which pieces you'd like to sell, then drop off your items and allow us to do the rest.  We prefer them to be on hangers and ready to sell.  We  will hang your clothes on our own hangers, tag them, enter them in to our computer system for tracking, and display them to be sold.   If we are busy, you can leave your items and we will examine each, pull out the items we want to keep, and call you for pick up or donating the other items.  
Items To Bring:
Please bring in no more than 15 items at a time in any one month period.  This gives us a chance to get them priced and on the floor to be sold in a reasonable amount of time!  It also gives us a chance to showcase and sell many other consignee's items as well.  We do not want to have all of the same sizes out on the floor all the time either.  When a consignee brings in their items, it is usually a particular size.  If we rotate and make sure the racks are filled with a variety, they sell better!
The person accepting your items will look over each piece for “sale ability” so please don’t be disappointed if some of your items are not accepted for consignment.  Island Chic will only accept what we feel our clientele will purchase, therefore, we will only accept current styles for consignment.  We are very selective—our reputation depends on it. Our customer’s wishes must determine our guidelines.   In an effort to save your valuable time and ours, examine your items carefully before you bring them in.  Bring only your best items for consignment. This will save us both the frustration of rejected items that clearly do not meet our criteria.  Make sure they are "Ready To Sell", On Your Hangers, Pressed, No Stains, No Holes, Preferably Name Brand of Some Sort and Sized.  All shoe sand purses must also be clean and free of stains.
Consign Seasonally:
Please  call us before bringing items to ask us what season we are accepting as of right now.  We want to SELL your items now and make sure we are in the right season to do so!  Sometimes the In-Between Seasons can change also....especially being a beach community area!  We don't have Normal seasons.  We will be taking Fall/winter items in September. 

 The sale price of consigned items will be split between Island Chic Consignment Boutique and the consignors as follows: Consignor receives 40% of the sale price; Island Chic Consignment Boutique will retain 60% of the sale price,   Consigned items will be priced by Island Chic.  Usual pricing of consigned merchandise is approximately 25% to 35% off the original retail price.  After the 120-day sale period, any items not sold will be donated to the local Island Cottage to help the Help Center on the island!
We make sure our pricing is reasonable. No professional store owner, and no consignor, will insist that something in our consignment store is priced too high.  We, therefore, don't feel the need to "reduce" prices  monthly and mark them down much.  If the prices are kept reasonable throughout the season, there is no need to have our consignees loose money by reducing the items to lower than needed!    We will try a sale rack after the 90 days have passed to try to move those items.  We believe just keep the prices as reasonable as possible to SELL!    At the end of season, we  may need to have a clearance sale to make room for the next season.
Island Chic uses Best Consignment Shop Software system that has a specific inventory for each consignor and tracks all items, pricing, and sales for each!   Every item has a bar code attached to a consignee.   There is not a "manual" hand written system.  All consignees can have a print out of their items at any time once they are entered in to the computer.   This is usually within a few days from when the items are in the store.  If we are not too busy, we can do this at the time we review all consignee items.  This tracks all SALES for us and for the consignees as well!  That way there is no question what the items are, what the  items sold for, and at what particular price!  We are human but try our best!
As a consignee with Island Chic, you will have to be responsible for calling to check on the account status of you items monthly.  Checks are cut after the 7th of each month and may be picked up after that date between the 7th and 20th of the month.  This is to make sure all checks are cleared to close out that month.  After 160 days (4 months) our system clears the accounts out. 
Island Chic Consignment Boutique is not responsible for the consignee's personal belongings should a theft, fire, storm, or unexpected occurance happens in store.  Insurance only covers the store owner's personal items and store's belongings.  Since consigned items are NOT the property of Island Chic, they are not insured. 

ALL ITEMS ARE TO BE DONATED AFTER 90-120  DAYS TO a local donation center to help give back to the island.  The exceptions are formals.  IF there are items that you may be attached to and not want to be donated, they have to be specified at time the items are brought in to be consigned so they can be well noted.  Only 2 items per person can be retrieved if not sold.
 Thank you and happy consigning with us!!
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